on death.

I want you to die a beautiful death
One fit for an artist
In the afterlife we are promised perfection if we do this “right”
So I will pick you one thousand tulips with my mouth
Ingest the bitter for you
I will say all that you want to
So that you may be spared the karma
I will use my whole mouth to remind you that age has nothing to do with youth
God Damn you, Cant you see I’m waiting to die with you?
Koran in my hand
My book of poems strapped to my chest
If I blow it will be with these–
With the best of me
It will be with my whole heart and a smile
Crocked but unwavering
And I wish you knew how easy dying could be
How easy surrendering could become
There is something God like about the way you suck life into me and pull me back to you
Something effortless
How easily I forgive you
How quickly these scars heal
But I worry sometimes that you can’t imagine I’m a cause worth dying for
Hope ya father mumbled something about happiness amidst the suffocation
Hope you know that the source is sometimes tainted
And I guess I should have told you when I met you that
I am 2/3’s magic
That most rules just don’t apply to me
Can study all you want but
You can only learn this practically
With your hands muddy and whole soul searching

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