know this now.

There is no boy good enough for you

you should know that now

save your time for matters worthy of your shine

but you

Wont remember me saying any of this when you meet him

because he will be cleaver

and his skin will hum

his touch will be made of honey and slow blinks

when you kiss, your thoughts will hush

and you will find the rhythm you have been searching for

balance you have prayed about

his bottom lip will be your favorite

But you’ll never say that

you will smile like childhood was easy and hug like you have never be violated

the first time he spends the night

you will quietly await his questioning hands

your body will move into him and he will want to make you as safe as you’ve never felt

you will sleep– eventually

his arm will drape across your hip like sunshine through curtains

every 3 hours you will wake wondering if he snuck out

but he will be there

as if this is home

and you will wonder if not today, then when?

this is normal

girls like us

broken-hearted from birth, always worry we will be left for less magical girls

and some will go

will chase average like it tastes of miraculous

sweet girl, please know

what’s yours is yours for the keeping

chase nothing but your dreams


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