bits and pieces.


There is no trace of me now
Only my made up stories in a book I may not be committed enough to finish
She is beautiful
Her style everything I imagined you would fall in love with
She hardly moves
Only the wind around her make her shift seem real
I saw you..the moment you loved her.


I remember watching you sleep in the deep of my couch
Wrapped in my leopard Snuggie
I wanted you to sleep until you woke up mine


It was under his squinted face that I knew I loved you


I haven’t found the way to say this without a ticking clock in the background
So there are only empty text messages
Only a few words pressed into each other
Rarely do I miss this liquid
All dribble off the edge of a table
I miss us in places we have never been
In positions we have yet to create
I will speak us there
Like “it is done”
And “so it is”
But in the mean time
Should I surprise you someday with stacks of poems I’ve scribbled in your absents
I hope you keep them safe
love them train ticket
read them secretly
tell me you didn’t when i know you have
“I release you because someday if only for a moment nearly burning bath water
will realize I kept stepping back into you”


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