after looking at a comment you posted on some other girls photo

i have to stop wondering if it was my issues or yours

if it was a combination of everything or a single statement that got us this far from a table across from each other

smiles plastered like “i just fell in love”

i have forgotten so much

have poems that remember things i wonder if i made up

Jess tells me it was real

olivia too

i have nothing but stories, 46 poems, a metro ticket, some emails and a few magazines that you bought me randomly at barns and noble at the grove.. i think.

and a larger amount of uncertainty then i came in with

i want you to take back what belongs to you

my place is small and i dont have room for all this extra useless crappy emotion



i played tough and coward

i am some of both

more lover than anything else

i wish you could have known this

i hope my next lover is strange and unpredictable

like you

but willing

like me.


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