Nov. 10

And even when we have forgotten
my womb remembers the day
Swells in remembrance
There is a fatigue so familiar
A dusty knee I want to fall on
Pray I forget u not
The city has swallowed u
I will fade into the stories the next girl gets to help her understand why she will never be enough
Will wonder what the lonely in her gut is about
It is the remembrance of a child that never was, is
Curls up next to me in my sleep
Smells like ripe fruit
Summer peach
At midnight
Shadows watch me sleep
and I know it’s nov 10 again
It’s that hall way
The naked walk to my room
The way u kissed me surrender
Made me forget that we were already on the other side of love
Lust is a metaphor I want to fuck
my favorite position
Calm breath
Calm enough
The not knowing and the blood
There was so much blood new years day.


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