A brown boy: Geovanny

The day I met Geovanny I knew he was one of mine
Promised like I never do
Tend to keep them away
Don’t want their problems to cradle me at night

This part time teacher lets them believe that I am only here to teach poetry
But some know
Some feel instinctively that I love them and then I have to learn their names

Geovanny owns something in me
Is intuitive
And vocal
Blasts his passion proudly
Says hes Mexican
Looks more god like to me
He texts the first night about poems and learning more
His passion is why I teach

Seen 50 boys and maybe 2 admit they love poetry
He loves Lemon and Mos loves Erykah Badu
And so do I
Made the class watch Lemon on YouTube mumbled his favorite poem like he ghost wrote it
These stories are his
The block just like his
The pain real

Geovanny via text tells me he is going away
Coded language for prison
“Geovanny, how old are you?”
Scared for his brown boy too young to be back in prison answer
He promises to write and never forget that he loves poetry again
It’s my only request

26 months can change everything
Will make him forget

He will be the first person I visit in prison
Bars and hostile men are not my style but Geovanny
Geovanny loves poetry
He will be the first brown boy I weep over
“I’m 20 years young
I could listen to your words all day
You’re pretty too miss”

I imagine it is this honesty
This unexpected passion that the world fears
How dare him be this fuckin real
This fuckin honest
Where did he learn passion like this?
Because our system breaks boys
Turns them rage and killer
Tats them up
Lets them know they aint worth shit

A brown boy in foster care since birth
So who loved him first?
Was it Sonya Sanchez couplet?
Or Langston’s Prose?
Geovanny is not special
He is just a brown boy on his way to prison
A brown boy who loves poetry.


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