teaching and heartbreak.

When I walked into that hallway
Students lining both walls
Excitement seeping onto the floors
I had to tell them

Lied a little to lighten the blow
Lied a little so I could kiss you should I get the chance
Lied a little so I can face you next
I didn’t want them to feel as unimportant as the cold hallway floor must have made them feel
Picking themselves up to go back without what they came for

The smallest girl with the shyest voice whispered
“Will you read us something then?”
And what could I say?
“Honey, I haven’t written the poem for this moment yet
I haven’t pressed the damage to page
Haven’t given it enough time to bleed and expand
There is an ugly here I don’t want you to have to know yet”

the reality of teaching and heartbreak dances the slowest groove


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