Mostly Def Now. 9\30

#9 of 30 (for Mos Def)

Those of us old enough to love you sincerely

Have sung “Umi Says” as an anthem on day when the world be loud and mean

For those of us

Who borrowed your mother for those 5 minutes

Borrowed the wisdom and

Modeled our art after that truth

Found God there, in your voice

We felt we had a place and people who understood us

Knew what art was

Raised our hands to the sky together

And sang “I want my people to be free, to be free, to be free” 


Today, we mourn you

On the grassy field

In front of a new group of college kids ready to fall in love with you

We don’t know these song

Can’t feel apart of something you pretend is secret

Dear Dante,

I guess it was the thrill of the climb

The brilliance of a mountain that seemed impossible

You awkward turned handsome screensaver

We loved you because you said you wanted us to know how you felt 

This landslide you have become

Ballerina without grace

I’m sorry fame does this to black boys 

Makes the gifts of God seem tragic and more than man can handle

I wish I was there sometimes to remind you who you actually are

Beyond the heroine and girls and weed

You look like life is your horrible lover

Makes a fool of you

But you



Kiss her

Mouth open

Seem willing to destroy the love we once had.

I’m sorry this is the story I have to tell

I’m sorry a Dear Dante note is all that is left of something that started so beautiful in my mouth.

I hope you find who you once were. 


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