After Passing

After news of Gil Scott-Heron’s passing
May 27, 2011 8:30pm

Somewhere he is laughter now
But that is the hardest to fathom
It is the suddenness of death that makes it hurt
The finality, the way little is

I didn’t miss you a single day because you always were
And now in the after of your “life”
My couch is a cemetery
This computer screen your eulogy

Your daughter a friend on facebook
So I can’t call to extend my condolences

My friend
A boy I love in secret is somewhere mourning you
Face long and there ARE tears
All his strong crumpled in a corner
He will be a boy tonight while missing you
He is the only person I know whose face I can imagine right now
And I want to be wherever he is

He was the first person I thought of
How clear it all becomes when the ability to touch is threatened
Death the reminder no one wants to get

Gil, your spirit is yours again
So I will celebrate you
For all you did and all you will continue to do
Because I know nothing really ends
So here’s to the transition
The shift in the way you write
The sky your new notebook and the birds your voice
I will look for your words in the sunrise
In the shyest girl at the open mic
In the fiend who moonlights as a poet
You are second chances and u-turns if you want them
You will live on and on and on.


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