On kissing.

Kiss me like July.
Like fireworks.
Running in the sprinklers.
Like fireflies.
Like sleep after a full day.
Yes, kiss me like this.
Like it ain’t raining.
Like we don’t know what bracing for the impact of disappointment feels like.
Kiss me like tomorrow is days away. Like we are vacation.
Like we are allowed to be this reckless
Like arts and crafts.
Kiss me paper mâché and macaroni noodles.
Like there is no such thing as time.
Kiss me as a reaction to the responsibilities our parents didn’t warn us about.
Yes, kiss me like it will help me forget that I am scared sometimes.
Like your lips hold secrets and remedies.
Kiss me.. Like it’s easy to press lips to a moving train.
If you will just kiss me like this:
Speechless and soft.
Kiss me kind, like fighting wasn’t moments ago
Kiss me like leaving is not a option
Like “stay”
Like “ain’t nobody letting go anyway”
Lips on the truth in me
Stolen moments and jubilee
this is all I was asking for.
Your lips are the closest I’ve been to flight since the moment I was willing to fall
stop time for me
still this day
the wind
my heartache
the way my stomach seems to knot when I’m lonely
halt everything
I want to only be here
These poems aren’t for everyone
He made that clear
Planted lilies under my tongue
They bloomed this afternoon
Made the whole garden take notice
I plucked a petal
Smeared it across my page
Sent him the words his mouth created
He called it sweet
It is dangerous to kiss a man who has never been in love
Never wanted to understand poetry
Never been moved seriously
There are moments when smiles are a sin
When silence is required and palms flat on backs are life preservers
I didn’t know I needed to say “rescue me”
Thought you saw me flailing
When you claim a woman
Lay her on her back and pretend you are appendage
Call her by her god given name
Speak to her with compassion
Be as manly as your body acts it is
I assure you there is no charm in exiting
No beauty in leaving
No romance in goodbye
You have never loved a woman until you stay
Plant your feet and stay
Right now
In the down pour of it all
With your palms upturned
The way you prayed.

3 thoughts on “On kissing.

  1. I saw you perform this poem at DPL and I had to find your website to share it with my friends. Thank you for a beautiful poem. The poem kind of perks up from the computer screen and kisses you, so that when someone walked in as I read it I practically blushed.

  2. I have watched “Things Never Said” repeatedly – and am struck every time by the power in the words: “When you claim a woman
    Lay her on her back and pretend you are appendage
    Call her by her god given name
    Speak to her with compassion”


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