The hardest to keep.

**I have been writing with experiences still on my flesh. This writing is directly after meeting a man, Anthony, who looked at me so honestly I felt like I saw our whole relationship from start to finish. This poem is what I saw. Maybe the look was so we don’t have to live it.. or maybe I made it all up. Somehow these words came.. n.

There is a longing for something I do not understand well
Have never been that good at
Can’t manage to time right

I am missing what once was
In a fleeting moment

A promise that is the hardest to keep

Dear Anthony,
Let us not pretend
We both know your touch could never be accidental
Calculated everything
Paused only when our eyes locked

I have never loved a man like you before
Made of the same passion
And right
The same heart and brick wall

So when you call
And you will
Ask me, I’ll agree

On our first date I will kiss your hand and make only one request
Do not leave me in a worse condition than you found me
If you can’t fully, don’t
And you will smile like you understand
But wont
The evidence will come on the last night I know you
How quickly you will become mountain
Fog and stubborn
I will not kiss your hand this time
Nor will I make a request
But you
You will remember how you thought you understood
And I will smile because I finally do
And again I will be missing what once was
A fleeting moment
A promise and the discovery that I am the hardest to keep.


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