by heart.

I never got to say all the things I thought were important
In the 2 years apart nothing seems to matter like it did
Realized I got all the good back when you smiled
Hugged me out of my discomfort
Saved me the trouble of letting you go again
Unspoken in our throats
I love you too
The way I meant it the day I came out of sleep with those words on my lips
You shocked
But smiling
And somehow in the bustle of life we forgot that we only wanted the best for each other
I let you go for the best reason
Your daughter
I hope your wife knows
She gets the man I saw in you that first day
Millies on sunset god in you

Never thought I’d get to love you like this again
If your wife is anything like I know she must be
When your daughter, mischievous like her father
Finds the picture of us I hope your wife tells her “that’s the woman that gave papa to us”

Thought this moment was only in movies
But no.. It is what comes when you love real and keep deciding to even when it changes who you thought you knew
He asked if I still knew his number
His is the only number in the world I actually know
by heart.


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