loss from over here.

(for anyone healing now)

Be still enough to allow blessings to pour
Nothing is forever even grief
Even death

Thank god memory fades
Thank god her memory will fade

She found her husband in the shower
Something in him decided he had had enough
And what if he was right?
What if suicide is just another unfortunate moment giving way
Making space
Allowing for
Everything that is to come

I don’t believe in hell
Only god
Only love

And somewhere in all this chaos is the “I love you daddy” she will be afraid to say for the next six years but will catch her off guard on her wedding day

Right now there are only tears
And anger seeping from her pours
Questions and recalling details that meant nothing
This is the day that gave birth to paying closer attention
When children become the adults they are
Begin to see pain as indiscremnant
When “I’m sorry for your loss” leaves only empty words
but still I am.


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