before i knew the truth

He doesn’t know that he is beautiful
So I will remind him every time he is in my presence
Thinks a few flaws
A couple insecurities makes a runner out of me
Doesn’t know I’ve been laced up my whole life
Just waiting for a reason to surrender
A just cause to paint the perfect shade of mine

I don’t know if he sees the twinkle in my eye
The glimmer
If he knows how much I value my Sunday afternoons when the breeze is smooth
Some days are everything
Balances the high stress of workweeks that make wonder our navigator and sacrifice our mistress

It is in the subtlety
In the changing of seats to offer his to a lady
I am proud for reasons I only see evidence of
Nothing particular
Just a feeling
Just an instinct that links two strangers
Afraid of heartbreak
I have been broken
Raped and torn
But I’m alive and here
Willing like nothing has ever ached
Like wounds are healed
He is the kindest man I have ever known.


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