warning for brilliant black boys.

For brilliant black boys
inspired by: Basquiat

Be careful of fame
Those white boys don’t love you like they claim
They praise green and you black
Will be reminded of that on the loneliest days

Black boy be careful of what makes you float
They will turn you Basquiat
Make money off you while you rot in your grave
Will tell your story like you didn’t have one of your own
Will claim you ain’t brilliant enough to hang on their walls, record on their tracks, speak into their microphones
Will claim that
Until they turn your shining spirit midnight
Will claim you aint black enough
say you aint much of a genius
just a boy with a brush or a voice or joke or a shine
that can be put out under the right conditions

And the morning after you believe the lie
They will sell everything you ever touched
Will call you brilliant like they never uttered nigger
Will split you in parts and cash whole checks
You will be another documentary
Another great story told without you in it
And those white girls will move on
Will call you a phase
a person they used to know
A time… long ago.


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