Common Perspective.

On the night our palms touched
Saw you as you entered
Approached you before I knew what I was doing
Hope I was not to forward for you

Your voice has been the soundtrack in my home
Played your songs on Sundays
Hummed the melody
Felt like you wrote those verses thinking of me
Knowing the jokers I would fall in love with
Needed a man to say good things are worth waiting for
Still looking for the brotha that don’t front on love

You said what I imagine any good father would
Didn’t have one long enough to get to the wisdom my teen years needed
He was a dope fiend who smoked until he had dreams he could swallow
Watched his family vanish quick as the high did

Perspective is a muthafucka

I have dreamt of this meeting
Thought about drafting a letter
Carrying it my pocket
It would have been weathered by now
But still as true as these words
In my dreams you were always welcoming and familiar
Could hear and sense my loyalty
You were nothing like this
Perspective is a muthafucka
Shock my hand
Mumbled something that felt like the thank you’s half given to the invisible men refilling water glasses at these busy tables
It is Friday night
And your high is in full bloom
I was in full bloom
Did you not recognize my light
Competing for the slightest recognition of existence?
Perhaps it is crazy to love a person you have never smelled
Shared conversations with
Perhaps this soliloquy carried me somewhere you never intended take me
I get lost in your melody
I just wanted you to know that you move the stiff girl in me
And maybe I should have started with
“I’m sorry I feel like I know anything about you”
But with the odds of never seeing you again as high as they are
I can’t afford not to speak to you
The sight of your freckles catapulted me
From my table
And my meal
And a conversation with a girl I love
To tell you what I thought you should know
I thought I should start with I love you
Always hide that
Waiting for the perfect moment that never comes
Didn’t want to regret watching you walk away
I said what was true
That we shared in common

By the time I got back to my table the disappointment had begun to set in
Heart beating fast but no real story to tell

I will never love you like I did that school night
When you spoke to me like you knew every story I had yet to tell
I was 12, I think
Had practiced your rhymes rewinding the cassette tape
Yours my first concert
It started past my bedtime so I left before you ever stepped on stage
But I was willing to be grounded for you
Wanted to see the words dance off your lips
Wanted to see the way your body swayed to the beat
Wanted to see if I could keep up
Was willing to stand in a room full of grown men
To prove one day I would be woman enough to light up a mic
Tonight, I know a smile from across the room would have sufficed


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