How I know i’m a poet.

I am a poet

How I know?

Just heard the voice of Bonair and this poem came

His voices sounded of a challenge

Of an invitation back to things I do in my spare and busy times

Poets, we speak of god and often remain without religion

Own bibles and Korans

Even pray on occasion

We will find the beautiful in all things

Find God in all things

Know truth because we are unafraid of silence

Find healing in the black night brings

Solitude over stress

I am a poet

And nothing could make these words stop pouring out of me

Not debt or hate

Slice me open and letters to my loves you will unfold out of me

Wisdom and jewels that do not belong to me

I am just a holy place

Space for magic to take refuge

And when the books are completed

Enough love has emerged

I will be silent but smiling still


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