It wasn’t the possibility of being raped that broke her heart
It was the second she knew that he would
It was in his eyes
The thick of the air
The shift in disposition
How she knew she had to run
Fast as the fear up her spine
No time to be shy now
Do or die
A stranger saved her
Asked if everything was ok
Stood between danger
Saw him a mile away
Subconsciously brought him nearer
Asked for grace
It is a frequency thing
An energy thing
Felt the “something is not right” in her gut
And responded like she had everything to lose

I wonder did anyone hear me pray
Feel my spirit float
It vanished before he could jerk it away
Its not the rape we are forced to heal from it’s the discovery that men steal from the crechers that create them
Even smirk when they watch the fear pour into us
When we decide there is nothing that will magically save us
Lose sight that temples were ever pure

I can always smell the violation on women
See it in the way they assess a room
How quickly they walk
The way they flinch at the slightest of sounds
How they will never seem sure about anything again for too long

Lovers are expendable
No flesh is safe or permanent
No safe in skin when occupied has become you
Just another invaded land
I will teach my son language over war
I will tell him about the men who wage war
Plant flags in moons but I was someone star once

Knew love and no fear
Trusted men at hello
Was not always cynical
Try invaded for a second and tell me the disappointment isn’t justified.


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