what you left.

I am adjusting to the division now so that when u are gone
I will not miss a thing
Will sleep as soundly as I did before I knew your hands
Those flower petal hands
Cupped my cheeks
So gently
So sweetly
I knew then I had never been touched with so much tender in my life
One day when your personality and the parties you attend match
I will rest in your arms
In any bed you are in
I will sit still and know
But today I feel too much like an after thought
Like 6 am and the truth pours out of u

I don’t want to be the secret you kiss
Press into
Grind on
Hold behind closed doors
Don’t want to bite, caress
Don’t lock me behind anything
I want to be wide open with you
And when you get that
I will know then that the bold of my sex, body, heart will not swallow you

These moments we create
On balconies beneath only god and her moon
On the front stoop
We are breathtaking
Smiles wide
Unashamed and understand enough to sleep effortlessly

I want us to be that or stay this
Right now
Between things
Maybe what’s next should never come
Either way, I will love you forever regardless
Right now thinking only lovely things
But the moment you forget that I shine as brightly as you
Is the moment we can’t undo
So say only what you mean
Kiss only what you know belongs to you and when you go
Come back
Only when you know what you left.


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