List of things I would miss

List of things I would miss if I died tonight

1. His kiss
2. How wet his mouth makes my nipples his saliva is like silicone
3. How good it feels to fall asleep in the sun with a slight breeze blowing
4. Bubbles from carbonation on my cheeks
5. Perfect 84 degrees on a Sunday afternoon
6. French toast from The Kitchen, eggs with cheddar cheese
7. Duke, how he speaks in parables and lives in truth
8. The pause in our eyes since we know it is over. How we will never forget what that much sex made us
9. Sitting in his convertible staring the beautiful out of him
10. Venessa, her laughter ringing in my ears. Her smile and how her eyes close when she does
11. The way kids eyes shift tender when they realize poetry is a part of them
12. The smell of garlic cooking
13. Jaha’s voice and the way it reminds me of god
14. Mediation at Agape, the silence that falls over a room of 300 people
15. Back rubs
16. The release in my back after orgasm
17. Maceo
18. How I used to believe
19. His kindness on that street in Santa Monica. I cried before I knew why. He handed me his handkerchief. The one in the drawer of my desk.
20. Scoops ice cream
21. The smell of warm syrup
22. The perfect song to match the moment
23. Everything that would have been.


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