My dreams are vivid these days
No gray area
Just pictures and life in real D

Last night, my love came with me today
Held my nephew like his own
And I laughed

I count nothing as coincidence
Find healing I take into my day
Count nothing as fiction but negativity
Count miracles and blessings
None of anything that’s happening should be so I praise God
Speak of Her boldly cuz folks need to know He is using me
These words pour out of me
I never could have imagined I’d be in charge of the very place that saved me
Mark the irony
Note the divinity
This be the holiest ground you may ever be upon
Melz uncle say “this gift gives way for others freedom”
I say, I’ve been saving ’em
These workshop ain’t about poetry
It’s about freedom and self
Dude too worried about how they look, instead of how they look
Stupid, If you the last to know the most about you.


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