Inauguration 2013

I am mostly not political
Although I am a woman
And that tends to get political at times
I am black
Which tends to be up for debate
I am a poet
Which leads to much talk about the validity of my income and how much tax I should pay
My very existence is political some would say
But I mostly stay away from useless debate
Find developing self and supporting others a better use of my time
And I am proud and as patriotic as a lover can be
As patriotic as a believer in freedom and oneness and equality can be
In a land we cage off and regulate and ignore those in need
So I am not in front of no tv today
In fact I don’t own one
Not glued to a radio or computer screen
I don’t own none
My love and support of my country is in the details of my daily
Is not limited to this land
My commitment to politics has nothing to do with today in particular
but rather Martin’s dream in general
So I’ll be on the front lines yesterday, tomorrow and the next day
I’m glad you think watching history is so important
I just wish your passion and excitement carried beyond your couch
Beyond today.


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