Dear Stranger

It is not too much to ask for truth

To ask for raw and real

To allow for spirit to move through places like the furry of wind


I am asking this of you

Writing these poems for you, to you


Dear Stranger,

We may never meet beyond this page

Or voice in a dimly lit room

But damn I’d like to love you


If you’d let me


And ain’t that an offer

To be loved

Like the scent of lavender fills a room

Love you, like 3am

The stillness

How nothing moves

But things are stirring

Somewhere a mushroom is cracking the surface and wouldn’t you want to be there?

Wouldn’t you want to see the moment a thing BECOMES?

When night decided to day

The contact

The bleeding of colors

And how what will be, never was before


This is what truth brings

So Carrie me

Like words in the wind

Let your pages take flight


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