Stitched Language (for Generosity Water)

There is a woman in a village I have never seen on a map

In a stitched together language she means to say

“Do not forget that I exist”


It is the same request my spirit pleads

I suppose THAT is universal


I’d like to believe I would never watch a person starve

I’d like to think I’d never stand silent while others are harmed

But oceans and borders should not imply freedom from action

Too often we sit on hands that others would use if only they had the chance


My faucet leaks

The drips in the night bother me

Too loud in this quiet place

It bothers me

The drip.. drip… drip

It pools enticing me to jump in

At some point I wake, drop a cloth into the bowl and fall fast back to sleep

It is the only way the sound of their sobs soften

Every drop an invitation to remember what is too obvious to ignore


In my neighborhood

We dig huge holes to put water in for recreation

To go swimming is a luxury a woman across the world will never know because of where she was born

She will never know

What it feels like to backstroke in crystal clear water in the summer sun

But she does know happiness

And laughter on long walks

She knows secrets and how to keep them

She also knows how to run

How to get home before chores are late

Knows how to balance and tend

Knows how to go there and back faster then fist to face

That bothers me too

Causes me to miss sleep and write poems about topics I should never need to because

Collectively we should anticipate global needs

What is the use of all this technology if our inventions don’t remedy necessities

Where is empathy and have we forgotten what human should feel like?

What actual need is?

Not desire but need

Like hunger growing in the pit of stomachs

We feel that internally and find food to ease the pain


I have never turned on a faucet that water didn’t run out off

I have never been thirsty and not had options

I have never walked 3 hours anywhere out of necessity

And that is a luxury

A privilege

I inherited

Because I was born to people in a place that happens to be here

But god forbid that be the reason some go without

Switch a couple details this poem could be about me or for you

And what then

What excuse would be grand enough?

What reason sufficient to trump the disease you are forced to pour into the mouths of your children?

You too would want more and better for your people

Would pray to your God for help

You would say to the man who appeared with the camera in your village

“I want better for my children but we are too poor”

In stitched together language

You would not ask for water

You would ask to not be forgotten.


6 thoughts on “Stitched Language (for Generosity Water)

  1. Today, I saw you on SoulPancake’s video “That’s What She Said | Beauty And Body Image”. I just wanted to tell you how much I loved your poem, and how I’ve already fallen in love with the few poems I’ve read on this website. You’re poems are absolutely beautiful, and you’re even more so. Thank you for sharing your art. 🙂

  2. I don’t have words good enough to tell you how much this poem means. To tell you why it hit so hard. To tell you how…
    Thank you.

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