Who to marry.

You want to marry an overachiever
A man who shoots for perfection
So that when he marries you
You never wonder why

When you look at everything in his life you know he doesn’t settle
You were selected
And when he comes out of his face
Spouting off about this and that

Remind him of the fact that you too had a choice
Chose him
Everyday you choose him
He will have misplaced that knowing
But he picked you, to serve as a reminder of the things he most often forgets:
To smile
To laugh
To come home early

To remind him how evening feels 

What snuggling on the couch does for creativity

You want a man who knows how to find his balance
Who honors what he doesn’t know
A man who knows some days all it takes is starting with “I’m sorry”

You want to marry a man who easily says “sorry”, “I love you” and “thank you darling”
You want to marry a man capable of using words kindly

You don’t know this at 19
I promise you don’t
but later you come to appreciate such things
Come to know womanhood differently and know the balance life takes
Marry an overachiever because he will never stop trying to be great.


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