Another no love poem

I’d like to have no more poems for you
Not another word in my beingness to speak for you
I’d like to never have the urge to think of us as something more than the friends you make a point to call us
I am a woman of my word
Do as I say I will
Love you through all things, I will
But the death toll in my spirit is rising.

I mopped your floor tonight
Cleaned with my hands and feet
Your floor
Shut your windows cuz the chill was coming
And wiped off that dusty table you read at sometimes

I left before you came home cuz I didn’t want to see her
The woman you would never leave your stuff with but call me for advice on how to break up with
A woman, I hope for her sake

I never knew she existed
Quiet as she was kept
Never knew she existed

Must be nice to have all the things you love so neatly in their place
A lover and your best friend who will love you like your lover never will
Neither of us have a chance at having something that doesn’t want to be had
And ain’t it sweet
He says my name with purpose like it means something in his mouth
But he says all types of things
Says he loves me
But ain’t no love in these lonely nights
Ain’t no love in walks to the car on a dark night
Ain’t no love in leaving for a cheap thrill
Ain’t no love, no love in that.


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