A thought I couldn’t ignore

There are millions of thoughts passing in my mind every day
But when a thought lingers
Attaches a face in a bubble
Interrupts more than once
I dial
A conflicted boy
Southern and gorgeous
I call to check in
We do this now
Before, we took, used, replaced, avoided
Each other while together

I loved him instantly
It took him 6 years to understand how I’m capable of this

So when I called
He answered
Money on the other line but he answered
Told him to call back when he had the time
Soon the time came
Small talk
Tip of the iceberg
But at this point specifics don’t matter when your lover is hurt, you heal
This Neosporin love, came over time.
Phones hang up
2 minutes later, his face on my screen
He asks “Can we pray together?”
So we do
9 minutes of thanks and requests and “I love you so”
I heard him sob
A release he needs
Accompanied by “thank you, Jesus”
In a voice I have never known
There are things I will never know
Things we may never share
But this
This most gentle prayer on a still night started as a thought
I’m glad I couldn’t ignore


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