Before the guns arrived.

When a person is abused
Even strangers will know
Will be able to catch a faint whiff of far too passive
Will hear the “help me” long after it has dissolved in the throat
Even the walls will speak cryptic
Will hang frames sideways and off center
Nothing is right where busted lips keep quiet
Where screams are muffled
And tears attempt to fall in the form of letters
in the hope that someone will find them and save her

My god, I have never needed to steady a persons breath for fear of their death if I did nothing

After he pushed his healing wife
Bruised her arm and left marks
His mother said “I don’t get in the middle of other people’s relationships”
If ever there was something to get in the middle of, I swear to god it is this

I didn’t sleep much that night
Kept trying to listen
Was waiting for her scream
Shrill and urgent

At day break the house was so quiet
Even thoughts seemed loud
I wondered which of them killed everyone else

I’ve never woken up to a nightmare but I imagine these are the signs that Freddy has the address
It should be no surprise when he arrives but everyone will be
Too many will be shocked but none were there.
In the middle.
Just before the guns arrived.

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