The day Maya Angelou died.

Today is May 28, 2014. I am in a hotel room in San Francisco. I had a meeting today with Sephora to talk about working together. I woke up in Los Angeles. When I stepped out of the shower my friend said “Maya Angelou died.” She was in her late 80’s and lived (what I consider) a full life. As I waiting in the airport to board my fight I got a phone call from SoulPancake asking if I could shoot a poem about Dr. Angelou. We talked details about gathering a team in San Fran to shoot it and I got on the plane. Excited and frantic, I focused to write. The poem did not come easy. I struggled with what to say first, I had questions I didn’t know if they fit into the poem. I had too many feeling to know exactly where to start. But I did, flushed the ideas out and finished with several minutes in my 70 minute flight left to spare. I landed with no team to shoot the poem but a few minutes later a team had been formed. I headed to my hotel to freshen up before meeting with Sephora. I walked the 4 blocks and found myself in this lovely office. The meeting was from 1:30-5. My shoot was scheduled for 3:30. After some lunch and a brainstorming session, I headed to meet the team. We shot the poem in about 25 minutes and I went back to my meeting. The VP of Education at Sephora University brought me a Oprah Chai Tea which was the first time I had ever had one.

The day has been so emotionally driven. Filled with so much excitement. I am a black woman poet on the day Dr. Angelou died. I am so honored to do what I love, to be a poet people call when things happen and important people die. To be able to write these poems. Dr Angelou paved the way for me to be living this wonderful life right now… I’m so grateful to her.

I know she is in perfect love and peace as I write this. I’m grateful for that too.

4 thoughts on “The day Maya Angelou died.

  1. I just watched the poem and I came here straight away to let you know what a beautiful tribute that was. You have an absolutely magical way with words and I want to thank you so much for your poems. You are honestly a true inspiration.

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