A poem of gratitude. (For Mel)

I wrote this for you. For this moment. For all that tomorrow will bring.

It is nights like these I am so happy I could scream
Electric veins
Heartbeat loud
My life is so magnificent

Need. To. catch. my. breath.

There are tears just on the border of every smile
No one ever told me HOW dreams come true
Just that they do
And so, as I overlook a city built on sin
Every inch of my being is in gratitude
For I did not know this day would come so soon
That my smile would be so young
That I would still be able to call home to share the news
I did not know success would be this humbling
Did not know for sure that if I just kept writing these poems
Of love and truth
They would find everyone they were meant to
I wasn’t sure the world would hear me
But you do
And I am left in awe
Of how of every damn day before this one is responsible for the ground I stand on now
So thank you for trusting your gut
For seeing this fire in me
For trusting and giving me the space to be completely and authentically me.

There is no place I’d rather be.

2 thoughts on “A poem of gratitude. (For Mel)

  1. Hi umm I know you don’t know me, but the minute I heard you speak you became my idol. Your poems are so meaningful, full of truth and hidden meanings. Your so gifted and in what you say, you’re impacting the lives of many, including mine. It’s plain to see your so pure and so kind. You have a purpose on this Earth. Please know your so beautiful on the inside and obviously on the outside. Thank you for changing my life. Thank you.

    • Ciera,

      Thank you so much. I’m so humbled. I’ve always hoped that i’d have the opportunity to use my life to help impove the world and even as i type that it sounds huge, important and overwhelming. I’m not sure i’ll ever do anything perfectly but I will always try to remind people that something more is possible. Thank you for seeing my magic, for reminding me I am something wonderful and that what I am doing has meaning in this world. Your comment is the most kind gift. I wish you the joy and love you have given me.

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