Poem: Let go

There is an urge
A desire of sorts
To breathe
Release every old heart break
Every thing my daddy never said
All that my mother too quickly speaks
This body
I want to let go
Float on top the water
Be mermaid and fairytale
Be six and careless
In the rain, I want to run
Want to lay in lavender
Press my skin in the ocean

4 thoughts on “Poem: Let go

  1. Darling sister,

    I found this poem today. In a few minutes I will go see my father for what is likely to be the last time. He is leaving this world soon. Part of me does want to run, to be six and careless again. But this helped me see how he is becoming new, letting go. I will take the poem with me to hold close. Thank you.

    • Mary Sue,

      I wish you both a effortless transition. Let love be the thing you hold on to. Let the water make you new.
      Thank you for sharing your right now with me. I hope these words, this poem, I hope they fill you.

      All my love,

      • There are miracles everywhere. Like Lazarus, dad rose from his bed and walked down the hall and back – with much assistance – but he amazed everyone. He is not down and out yet.

        I discovered I was meant to be there for another woman in a room nearby. She was so close to death that her family was signing DNR papers, and I was able to serve as the non-family witness.

        I promised prayers for her and her family.

        Her name is Eva.

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