Poem: Let go

There is an urge A desire of sorts To breathe Fully Deeply Release every old heart break Every thing my daddy never said All that my mother too quickly speaks This body HOLDS Tightens Restricts I want to let go Float on top the water Be mermaid and fairytale Be six and careless In the […]

love you, less

I thought we would stay In this little land of escape Make it normal to be here Call it home someday That is why I dare myself to hate you You left me Alone Tell me you love me From the other end of fingers pressed on phone I do not feel your love Only […]

A poem of gratitude. (For Mel)

I wrote this for you. For this moment. For all that tomorrow will bring. It is nights like these I am so happy I could scream Electric veins Heartbeat loud My life is so magnificent Need. To. catch. my. breath. There are tears just on the border of every smile No one ever told me […]

The day Maya Angelou died.

Today is May 28, 2014. I am in a hotel room in San Francisco. I had a meeting today with Sephora to talk about working together. I woke up in Los Angeles. When I stepped out of the shower my friend said “Maya Angelou died.” She was in her late 80’s and lived (what I […]

Before the guns arrived.

When a person is abused Even strangers will know Will be able to catch a faint whiff of far too passive Will hear the “help me” long after it has dissolved in the throat Even the walls will speak cryptic Will hang frames sideways and off center Nothing is right where busted lips keep quiet […]